English Proofreading
For Lawyers, By Lawyers

What is “proofreading”?


We are lawyers. Every day, we help our clients with complicated lawsuits. However, we recognized that often these cases are triggered unnecessarily by inaccuracies in a legal contract. We truly believe that these legal disputes could easily have been avoided by proper Proofreading.  

At WeProofread.it, our experienced English-language legal experts can review your documents. We remove typographical and formatting errors, incorrect word choices, improper punctuation, and spelling errors that risk creating unwanted confusion or that could make you appear unprofessional in a legal context. This process is called Proofreading.

At WeProofread.it, we offer affordable English-language proofreading solutions to suit the needs of both law students and legal professionals. In addition to making basic corrections to your texts, our trained legal professionals will ensure that your legal document conveys its intended meaning in the best way possible.

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