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COVID-19: Pro-Bono Proofreading of English texts


In response to the global threat of the Coronavirus, we at WeProofread.it would like to offer, without charge, our proofreading services for written English texts to anyone around the world, for all text or material providing information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that this initiative will contribute to a better understanding of the current situation on the virus in various non-English speaking countries around the world. We are equipped and keen to support anyone in their efforts to prevent panic, and to contribute to the fight against “fake news”, and misleading or incorrect information.

Review of any texts produced for this purpose will receive our highest priority. While WeProofread.it commits to a delivery time of 24 hours for the corrected texts, we will endeavour to proofread and deliver the pro-bono COVID-19 text even faster than that.

WeProofread.it has not set any specific rules for the texts to be proofread, but reserves its right to refuse to review any texts.


About us

WeProofread.it offers proofreading of English-language legal texts by English-speaking (human) lawyers.

In order to qualify for free COVID-19-related proofreading services, please make a standard order and state “COVID” into the comment field.

We may not able to prevent the world from the COVID-19 pandemic, but we can contribute to better understanding of it. It is simply our duty to help if we can

-CEO, WeProofread.it

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