Terms and Conditions

General terms of services

All relations of the Provider and the Client are governed by these general terms, unless otherwise agreed.


[Provider] The Provider of services shall be We Proofread.it s.r.o., identification number: 06397298, seat Kamenická 654/52, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7. The company was registered in the Companies Register kept by the City Court in Prague under file No. C 281376.

[Client] The Client shall be an entity which has concluded the Contract on the Provision of Services with the Provider in one of the below mentioned ways.

[Contract] Unless the parties agree otherwise, the Contract shall be deemed concluded the moment the Client books services and the Provider confirms the booking of the services by email, fax, mail or short text message.

[Booking] The booking shall be considered to be notification including at least the following information provided to the Provider by the Client:
- name of the Client and its contacts
specification of services which the Client requires
clear expression of the Client's will that it is really willing to collect the specified services from the Provider

Cancelling the booking by the Client

In case the Client cancels the booking (must cancel in the business week, Monday - Friday), the contractual penalty for cancelled services amounts to 100 % from total amount.

Change of the booking by the Client

Each substantial change in the booked services on the part of the Client, particularly the change of time of service or the change of scope, shall be considered to be cancellation of booked service and booking of a new service. Such cancellation is thus always subject to booking cancellation terms, unless agreed otherwise.

The Provider is entitled to determine what kind of change is substantial.


The service is delivered by the moment of sending email from computer of the Provider or other agreed means of delivery.

Impossibility to provide service

In case the service may not be provided due to force majeure the Provider shall be entitled not to provide the services. In such a case the Provider shall return the paid total amount of the sum to the Client.

The same applies in case that the Client had paid for the service before it was confirmed on the part of the Provider and the service was not provided to it.

The Provider shall be obliged to inform the Client on the necessity of not providing the service without undue delay.

Return of price for service

In case that claim for the return of price of service by the Provider shall arise to the Client, the Provider shall send the Client a credit note and shall return the money without delay upon receiving the confirmed credit note including the Client's account number to which the Client wishes to send the money.

Assignment of rights and duties

The Provider shall be entitled to assign rights and duties arising from the contractual relations to third parties.

Payment terms

All invoices issued by the Provider are due within 10 days from the moment of performance or rise of receivable, unless specified otherwise in the invoice.

By the conclusion of the Contract, both contracting parties agree with imposing a fine at the amount of 0.1% of the due amount for each day of delay, by which the designated account was credited with the payment later than stipulated.

International bank transfers

In case of international bank transfer of money, the price for services shall be considered to be settled only after the Provider's account is credited with the whole charged amount. The Client is thus obliged to set payment transaction conditions in such a way that the deduction of the sum shall not occur during the transfer.

The Provider shall inform the Client upon request of the price for payment calculated in the currency selected by the Client.

The Provider must conform to the same rules in case of payment to the Client.

Final provisions

Contractual relations of the Client and the Provider are governed by the Czech law.

In case of any discrepancies between the language versions the Czech version shall prevail.

These general terms are effective from 20 September 2019, replacing any previous general terms.